At Harbrow Mentoring, we strive to improve the life skills of young people through three key pillars: Leadership, Mentoring and Sport. We believe these three pillars give aspiring young people the tools and skills to get the most out of life, including for young people seeking change in a culturally supportive environment.

We are passionate about assisting young people and their communities to strive for better Health and Educational Outcomes, with sports being a primary vehicle to a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Each Program is specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of both the young people and the organisation involved. We are absolutely committed to achieving lasting change for every young person we work with.


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Learning how to lead others, as well as work positively as part of a team, is an essential key for success in life.  

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Genuine change requires strong mentoring and support. Harbrow Mentoring is proud of its proven track record in this area.

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 Sports is a powerful and proven vehicle through which to build resilience, discipline, commitment and teamwork.

HaRbrow Mentoring is proud to have collaborated with SEVERAL LEADING organisations in QUEENSLAND, including: